Shinjuku & Harajuku Part 2

Today we decided to venture back into Shinjuku and Harajuku. I had looked up where to buy the rest of my Midori Travellers Notebook refills, and it turns out there is two stores in Shinjuku that stock them. In Australia there is not many shops that stock it and therefore next year I’ll have order them online! 
Our other reason for venturing back to Harajuku was to see the Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park. 

I won’t say much, because the photos speak for themselves, but the Meiji Shrine was stunning and again the photos on our phones are no where near good enough to capture this true tranquility that radiates from this serene environment. 










We did come at a great time though…we got to see two weddings! Wel the part that the bride walks through the crowd to her husband. Both brides were so different. The video of one is from a wealthy family as she is draped in expensive fabrics and gold. The other bride was just as beautiful (Jordan didn’t get a photo, and my laptop is dead I can’t get the photos from my camera).  

We went to the Yoyogi Park, which if anyone comes to Japan needs to make sure they come on a Sunday with a tarp, feast and a good drink! There was probably 2-3,000 people in this park alone! All having a picnic and feasting with friends and family. 

However I recommend you go to the toilet before you come! I waited to use a toilet for 35 minutes! And there was plenty of toilets around, but all of them had lines that stretched 50 people long!

There is also entertainment always going on, on the outside of the park or just at the entrance. A highlight of our trip I think! 



Today’s countdown is day 10!


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