Hashimoto (Relax day)

This may not be such an interesting post today as it was spent mainly sleeping, eating and watch Japanese television! 

However I think we learnt some more things about Japan today!

We went to a local restaurant just around the corner from our hotel for lunch. Since we have been here in Japan it has always been busy. It is also open 24 hours a day! 

We went in and were directed to a machine to order! I always thought it was sad that most shop staff are being replaced by machines, so to see this I was saddened. However instead of having no service, once we selected our meals (the machine had an English option and lots of pictures) we were greeted with a hot cup of Oolong tea. From there we were able to have our food arrive and eat all within 30 minutes! Meals here in Japan are always promptly cooked and served.

It’s also worth noting that for both our meals it cost under $15! We were both so full from everything! Also the drink…it cost only $1.20 Australian and look at the picture…it’s so big!!!


You always get rice and miso at resturants with your chosen meal.
We spent the day in between lunch and dinner playing phone games, DS and watching the new Star Wars Movie (in English).


Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Sims Free Play
For dinner we went to the local food court in the shopping centre Aeon (pronounced E-on). We both got Ramen, which is our favourite Japanese food!

We then went to Baskin Robins and got a cup of ice cream! In Japan they have the most amazing flavours! I think I’ll be sad to eat normal flavours back in Australia.

I got these three flavours: Vanilla (which is not our normal vanilla), Matcha (powered green tea) & Sakura (made from cherry blossoms).

Jordan got: Matcha Oreo, Spring Basket (tasted like lollies with mnm’s) & Caramel Twist (just as it sounds).

After dinner it was back home to do a final big clean and pack before our last few days here in Japan! Tomorrow we are heading out again so it was nice to rest and catch up on sleep! I enjoyed a lovely bath with some Lush products that we can’t get in Australia!!

I will be honest girls, the only time I have head Konnitchiwa is when it is past 12PM and it is actually said “Konnitchiwa gozaimasu” for a formal good afternoon. In Japan every shop or restaurant you walk into you are greeted with either good morning or good afternoon. 

P.s. Good morning is Ohayล gozaimasu. 

I have not hear many casual greetings here, most greetings always have gozaimasu on the end.


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