Akihabara Part 2

Today we decided to take it easy and head to Akihabara for the last time. Since it is so full of shops, and most shops are not only one level, they are several levels, we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss anything amazing!

Luckily we did go back! We bought to much stuff that we would never have been able to get in Australia! Including one of my favourite anime shows Toradora Manga 1-6 (still need 7) and the PSP  game that I never knew existed!

Jordan found a Ninokuni limited edition PS3 and I found a Final Fantasy 10th Anniversary limited edition PSP with the Crisis Core game (which is super rare)!


All our super awesome buys today!
My first ever PSP!
Collector’s editions only released in Japan!
Trekka game that is popular in Japan…on a Pikachu console!

 We hunted every Trader store, which is sort of like a Pawn Store and EB Games together. One level is up-to-date games, and as you go up the games become older and more retro! They still sell Gameboys, Game Cube, PS1, PS2, Famicom, Super Nintendo, Gameboy Advance and even Gameboy Micros in Japan it was amazing!!

The best thing about these stores, is that the games, consoles and merchandise are only ever the best quality! Everything we bought was second hand but looked brand new! The PSP didn’t even have a scratch on it! 

Awe thanks girls!

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  1. Jorji says:

    That is so cool and awesome I wish I went to japan to see all the great shops and stuff!

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  2. Jorji says:

    I actually saw a you tuber that I watch go into that shop and he bought a few games.

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  3. Jorji says:

    And it also cool that they have lots of games and manga in great condition!

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  4. Jasmine๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜€ says:

    I’m surprised second handed games in Japan are in good condition because sometimes in Australia they have scratches or something is wrong with the game. Out of everything you got what was the best?


    1. mrsbarbaraxx says:

      Ooo that is a hard question! Probably my Toradora items! It’s a show I love!


  5. Fiona t says:

    Mrs Taylor you forgot the countdown ! Watch where you’re heading. Ha ha!


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